Get clarity on the direction of your business. At the end of our 6 stage IDEATION process you will:
+ Understand who you are, what you stand for and where you sit in the marketplace

+ Be able to communicate the unique story of your business to your customers with confidence (and with kick-ass creative) 

+ Know the best marketing channels to use for your business. In an industry of specialists, learn to see through the sales bull and identify where to focus your efforts

+ Get the most value and maximum impact from every single piece of marketing collateral, communication and campaign

Stage 1.


Our IDEATION+ workshops are the fundamental building blocks to turning your business into a ‘brand’. We question everything: the aim is to understand you and to understand your customers. We need to discover your company’s compelling story before we can start creating a strategy and visual identity that excites and delivers. 

Stage 2.

We research.

An in-depth critique of your current marketing strategy and communications. We assess the effectiveness of your current marketing communication and complete a full social media and digital audit. We will then do this for your competitors. The result? Complete clarity on your company’s current position in your marketplace.

Stage 3.

We position.

We then position the idea or image people have in mind when thinking about your company. It’s your business. In a nutshell. In one exciting, powerful and compelling sentence. It’s what makes you unique. This stage is where we create a distinctive place for your brand – in the minds of you, your staff and your customers.

Stage 4.


We set the tone. The way we talk to people is important. Every business needs to be consistent, clear and for their messaging to reflect that unique thing you want your brand to be known for. So what are you all about? What’s your personality? We will create a Tone Of Voice Guideline Document that will shape all your communication and will guide all design. 



Where the magic happens! We then create your brand guidelines – a set of rules that explain how your brand will work from graphics, colour palettes, image style/photography. Rigid enough to establish and maintain your brand position but flexible enough to allow for creativity and excitement. (brand assets, digital, print, point of sale, packaging and more).

stage 6.

We deliver.

This is where we go further than most purely ‘branding’ agencies. It’s the answer to the ‘what next’ question. Yes, you have an amazing brand. But how do you communicate this to the right people, on the right platforms? We create a strategy that assesses all the possible routes for your marketing activity and gives clear direction on which channels will provide greatest return.
Ready to make the magic happen? Let’s work together.